Hello and Welcome

Whew, I think I’ve got the blog up and running …… of course we’ll keep updating and changing widgets as we go along 🙂  Hopefully will figure out the Flickr widget so y’all can see my photo uploads.  Big shout out to Barbara for her Facebook post push to get my blog up and running.

I am Suzanne aka Suzetta and I’ll be posting, cheering, informing about my activities, family and designs in “Real Life” and my virtual world, Second Life.  My dearest friend Tom gave me the nickname Reds and another dear friend, Brina, added the Sweet to it, hence SweetReds was ‘born’ LOL

Posting from New Jersey via Second Life about Life in both worlds, music, laughter, my singing/dj, SweetRed’s Designs, Paint & Pour, friends and did I say laughter?

Welcome to the blog of SweetRed’s Suzie, aka Suzanne, aka Suzetta, aka Gigz xoxo

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