Here’s My Favorite Donkey

I’m gonna jump the gun a bit on my story of Second Life.  Also gonna take a chance and share this with y’all.

Quick background…. I sing in SL and we do more than play games!  We also raise money for charities, including Toys4Tots.  So here’s my version of one of my favorite Christmas Songs ….. recorded 2014 well before my time out for surgery.

There’s still time to join SL, donate to the Toys4Tots and get the full album from a few of the Fabulous Singers in SL (many of whom are professional singers in RL).

A special shout out to my Mom and Dad xoxo  AND Shannon and Jan from Smoking Aces with extra giggles xo

Jingity jing (Ee-oh ee-oh), it's Dominick the Donkey!

Jingity jing (Ee-oh ee-oh), it’s Dominick the Donkey!

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