Cutting The Cord Is Great


Before the idea of cutting the cord on cable TV became the fashion I had already kicked it to the curb!  I mean really, have you seen what they call a TV show now.  Hello to Reality that’s not close to reality.  If you want to meet a real housewife let me introduce you to my Mom and many other of the wonderful women I know.

Yeah good for laughs, Duck Dynasty or Chrisley Knows Best and of course there is the News, just depends on what spin you want LOL  I just spent these past 8 weeks at my parents that consisted a lot of click click click click of changing the channels to see if there is anything on.  Also the click click click because who wants to watch commercials.  I did a lot of laughing at that, and would make the sound out loud.  The only show that we watched that was good was Jeopardy and for fun Wheel of Fortune.  By the way do you know how many times you can watch Family Feud or Deal or No Deal reruns?

It was so much fun being there and the TV experience was part of the laughs, I tried to show them how to use the smart TV but sometimes they (the TV peeps) make it difficult and how many remotes do we need to have 😦

Home now and happy to be back to no “cord” and they are making this easier to cancel the cable for everyone.  TNT is now able to watch live, HBO is opening up, ABC and all the stations you can watch on ‘demand’ on your computer.

Of course you’ve got Hulu and Netflix which is my favorite right now and the reason I’m writing on this tonight.  I’m a fan of old shows that were fun to watch some of my favorites, Numbers, Cheers, Leverage and CSI: NY.  They keep adding episodes of White Collar and Criminal Minds.  Oh There’s the girls ……. The Gilmore Girls!!!

Tonight I switched on and started to watch Friends, now for some reason I really didn’t watch it when first came out.  Oh I’d watch it now and then but I wasn’t a regular fan.  Since I’ve not stopped laughing tonight I can’t remember why I wasn’t a fan, I don’t know how they kept straight faces during filming.  NO smelly cat yet ….. I’m anxiously awaiting that LOL

Cutting the cord is a good thing for me because it doesn’t just save money but also saves my sanity! Embrace the ‘scissors’ xox



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