Friendship Remotely

Some times, a person that you only know through Television in a way becomes a ‘friend’. I know y’all will think I’m crazy for saying that. However, this situation is a bit different because he, Dan Wheeler, has shared so much of himself and his family not just on QVC but on Facebook and other media outlets. Perhaps it’s because what he’s shared is of his wife, Beth, and their battle with her Cancer.

Beth has been fighting Endometrial cancer for 5 years. A hard fought battle and she and their family have done it with grace and love. Over the last months the Cancer came on with such force and 5 weeks ago Beth was hospitalized. They tried platelet transfusions which sadly did not work and Beth left this world on Friday, October 30th.

By all that I’ve seen of Beth, she was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. She will be missed by all who knew her personally and now by so many because of Dan’s blog sharing.

Hold everyone you love close and be sure to let them know how you feel about them. Cancer really does Suck!

You should know that this story of Beth is personal for me as I feel so lucky and blessed, I found my Uterine which can also be called Endometrial, so very early and survived again. I feel such sadness for Beth and her family, she had so much love and didn’t deserve to leave them so soon.

All I can say is this, Cancer is a battle, it is a fight and there are way to many types and too many people diagnosed. Those that are Survivors we Celebrate but we should also Remember and Celebrate the lives of those who have lost their battles with Cancer.

Is there a cure, I really dont know based on this is a disease from your cells and that is what we are made up from. Can the CSP-3 study that is tracking habits and lifestyles that the American Cancer Society is doing (thank you Dan Adler and others for being a part of this) find the answers, I don’t know.

If you listen to everything they say, then you will never eat anything again. Cancer shouldn’t be about fear and I hope you do not take that away from anything I ever say. The default cause of course is my least favorite word in every language, the O word that I will never type out. I was 8 and one of the healthiest kids around, no history in the family and bam there it was the first time. When they focused on the O word they totally missed the 2nd battle I’d have and still have, hence the hate of the O word.

We should live life to the fullest and laugh as much as we can. I think we should also eat what we like and what we can (allergies and diabetes aside) just do so as all things in moderation. You know yourself better than anyone else, you know when something is wrong. If you do find any changes going on with yourself, please get thee to a doctor, there are signs and many of them are quiet.

I started this about a remote friend, who I will never meet, Dan Wheeler from that home shopping station QVC.  His wife, Beth, has left an imprint on me and many others through what he has shared from his heart. Beth will be remembered by so many and Celebrated not just by her family and friends.  They have also shared Beth’s memorial celebration service, so touching and filled with love. From this service, I’ve added, “See You Again,” by Carrie Underwood.

I can only send remote hugs and love to the entire Wheeler Family, and know that Beth will always be with them and everyone she has touched.  R.I.P Elizabeth Ann (Johnson) Wheeler, I know that you are dancing with the angels. xoxo

The Wheeler Family  Elizabeth Ann (Johnson) Wheeler

Gynecologic Cancer Ribbons

Let It Snow !

It’s the first snow of the season! It seems whenever I have to have surgery and recovery it’s in the winter and I get to enjoy the first snow fall from inside my parents house.

I know many aren’t fans of the snow, mostly because of having to clean up and drive in it. However, if you take a moment and just watch it fall and take a deep breath in, I always get a sense of newness and a cool fresh smell.

When there’s lots of snow and you can see it ‘pileup’ it makes every thing sparkling white and to me it is so very pretty. I love to be the first one to put out footprints in the new snow, it’s almost like marking it as my snow LOLsnow

My birthday is in January and I will tell everyone I’m a winter girl because I do love the snow. I was born during an ice storm and since then there was never snow on the exact day of my birthday. I laugh because snow the day before or after doesn’t count to me. Excitedly when I had a birthday that was one of those ‘decade’ ones it finally snowed. Not Just any snow but a Blizzard!!

A blizzard that left the snow down for days and most roads and businesses closed. That’s the best kind because y’all can stay home and then go out and play in the snow. LOL I was so full of the giggles cause it was finally snow on my birthday. I went out to make a snow angel but forgot how soft the snow was and just fell into it LMAO I made a snow dent.  There were kids out playing and I helped them in a snowball fight, even made one and tried to save it in the freezer.  It was a fun day and a very memorable birthday xoxSuzie Snow

Many of my friends and family aren’t fans of Snow, some will move south to avoid it and others will use the word hate towards it.  I say, embrace the snow, remember back to when you had snowball fights, made snow angels, enjoyed hot chocolate watching it fall.  You can also take a moment and think of it this way ~ snow melts and provides needed moisture to the land, land that without moisture can not grow the crops of food that you eat.  As a “Jersey Girl,” from the Garden State of NJ, I appreciate this thought as I drive around and see the many farms of my neighbors.

Just my thoughts on the first snow of the year for me, going back to the window to watch it fall some more xoxo

keep calm and let it snow