First Day Back …. Whew


LOL Who says you can’t go back!  Today was my first day back at work after 8 weeks from some surgery, I should probably blog about the surgery and recovery but I’ll do that maybe tomorrow.  I’m offbeat and fun and who needs to do things in order heheheeh

Amazing that I was able to sleep last night and up at 5am, yup 5am ….. there’s nothing like driving to work in the dark!  My first thought was I hope my keys work in the door, which they did, whew.  I stood there looking at the steps (there’s 40 of them) and said (out loud) soon,  I’ll walk you again soon.  Down the hall and took the elevator and yippie it was working!

Back at work and LMAO so many days away and yet nothing changes!  I’m thankful to my supervisor for all the work he did extra and I had no doubt that he would keep everything organized and easy for me to get back into the swing of things, Tom is Great!

There were many laughs of the day, catching up with Dave and and the big hug from Jen, brief meeting with the new employee too too.  Have no fear Minerva, I’m back to help with the phones LOL.  I wasn’t the only one out during this time so we are still hoping and thinking of Gene to get well and thankfully Bill was able to get back today as well.

It’s always fun to catch up and laugh as much as we can, including how things never change and that 1 employee who for some reason won’t speak or you apparently did something wrong in another life to them look you in the eye and turn and walk away.  I wish no harm to the negative one, it just makes me laugh harder.

It was really great to be out and back and the day went well, I started organizing my files on the companies.  The transition back so far was easy, again thanks to Tom and I know and I’m sure each day will bring new things each day of the week.  Oh, my friend the exterminator, Tony, came in to do his stuff today.  He’s really nice and we always have a lot of laughs about Mickey Mouse.

There was pain, sure my body said ooo hard chair, what the hell happened to the soft couch LOL.  It was pain I’ve had the last few days just more of it, but I’m not a pain pill kinda girl so I’ll live with it and if necessary take a Tylenol.  (I have a full bottle still of that good stuff, if anyone wants it LMAO)

PS the pain did move around the last hour of work and I had to laugh because I really did have a pain in my ass!!

Drive home was good and Cold, yeah Winter Girl was cold, and tired, whew….. took a nap  that was more like sleep and I hear that bed calling me back.

I Hope Y’all Had A Great Day and Cheers For Manic Monday by The Bangles

Goodnight xo