What to say ….

I’ve been trying to get back to blogging, but like everything else ……. life gets in the way.

I’ve had so much to say, so much to give, so much insight, so many corny jokes, and yeah so many clothing photos.

I’ve wanted to rant against all this hate that’s going on in UN-social media

I wanted to change the name of my blog address, I’ve had some witty and fun ideas



Life got in the way

My Mommy’s gone

I’m broken, so sad and speechless



I hope I can move forward, if you’ve talked to me you’ve heard me joke but that’s just me making it look good.  I have so much I want to share and giggle with y’all but I have to find my way ahead.

My posts may be just this for a while, Designs by Suzie aka SweetRed’s….

Don’t Waste Time, I’ve said it long before December began ~ Take The Time, Don’t Miss A Moment, Tell Them You Love Them, Make Them Giggle AND Hug Them, Hold Them Close.  You’ll want all of that back, trust me on this if nothing else.

Mom & Me

A Little Holiday Cheer


I know it’s been a few days, sorry, I’ve been a little tongue-tied on what to write.  So here’s a quick post for some holiday cheer.

Although I do love “Mr Christmas,” Andy Williams …… this is my favorite version of the song, “Happy Holidays,” it’s by Barry Manilow, Enjoy xoxo

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays