So Many Blog Styles To Choose From

WordPress has so many options that I’m still figuring things out, I warned you that I would be updating my page widgets and setup LOL

I’ve been reading some other blog pages and seeing the many styles available out there.  I thought I’d put this out there and see about a poll for this question.

➤ My blog is very simple setup, just the full post and you scroll down to read…. with 3 older posts below it.  (you’ve seen this cause you’re reading it LOL)


➤ 2nd style is with multiple columns and the full posts scrolling down.  Like in this photo you see the bottom of the posts above it lead into another post.

This style has the full posts in multiple columns

This style has the full posts in multiple columns

➤ 3rd style is with multiple columns and just the first paragraph of the post with a click to read more option

Click to read more style blog

Click to read more style blog


I’m always looking to see what others are thinking, your opinions and I hope I didn’t make this too difficult LOL

Let me know which of these styles you think would suit Suzie’s blog and place your vote in my Poll !!  Thanks In Advance 🙂

FANTASTIC IDEA ~ Kindness Everyday xo


I caught a glimpse of a blog on the internet ….. shocking right LMAO ….. But this blog was different and it made me do a search, I know I just shocked you again hahahah

This is a Fantastic Idea and I’m going to share it with all of you.  Many will say that actions speak louder than words and yup they sure do.  Most actions are simple and easy and affect the world around you.  This Idea I’m going to share is a bit like ‘pay it forward’ (love that movie) in that the same way laughter is contagious, or the way someone yawns and then the whole room of people do too.

This is Project 365 Kindness!  What better way to start this new year than to accept the “challenge” to do a random act of kindness each day!

These acts can be big or small, something that can make a difference in someone else’s life.  Some examples are ….. holding the door open for someone and I can tell you first hand how helpful, generous and kind that is to the elderly and handicapped xo  Maybe help someone with their shopping bags, take the time to ask someone how they are or if they need help and really listening.  Welcome a new neighbor, pet sit for a friend, make dinner for your local firefighters or police department, share an extra dinner coupon at the restaurant with a stranger.  Just think of all the possibilities of kindness you can do and how much brighter you can make another’s world!

A single act is like a drop of water that falls into the ocean of life and this begins the ripples of kindness that has the possibility of making waves all over the world!

Reaching out in so many other ways especially inventive ways can really make a difference in someone else’s life.  You can help create a wave of kindness and generosity that will reach far far and wide!

A little kindness each day .. goes a long long way!  Don’t think of this as a difficult challenge but rather as a positive way for you to change the world and I invite you to pass this along to others and lets see how we can make the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Movement grow!

Here’s a website for you to check out, they have all types of kindness ideas, you can share your stories there or here on my blog

Welcome In Advance to RAK2015 with Suzie!  Let me know if you are joining me so we can share ideas!  You can send me a message or leave comment here xo

Random Act Of Kindness