What’s in a name?

Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So does that mean that a name really doesn’t make a difference? Sad, because I do like to say we are all unique and a name helps with that.

Take my name, Suzanne Marie, not to be confused with Susan Mary. I really was a surprise to my parents, two times actually, first with the fact that 7 years after they had their youngest boy ….. Mom was pregnant. The 2nd surprise was that after 3 boys …… I was a girl! Now, what to name me, mom and dad were prepared for Scott Christopher, but a girl …… what do we call her?

They each came up with ideas but the other knew someone personally or an actress or someone that made them not like that name. I like this story because it makes me feel extra special and it always makes me giggle. Now, my grandmother, Mildred, forbid them to use her name and so when they did decide on my first name, my Middle name could not be Mary, as that was my other grandmother’s name (it would not be fair).

What made mom and dad choose Suzanne? The TV was on in the hospital one day and there she was, Suzanne Pleshette. Dad said, Suzanne, I like that and mom said, that actress always plays good parts, good and nice girls and never in the bad papers. A few years later I remember my mom telling me to remember it’s Suzanne always and we spell the shorter version of my name as S U Z I E. So there it is, out in the open to everyone who has wondered why I cringe when people call me Susan, Suzy, Susie or Sue. These many years later, on rare occasions, I do allow those names, depending on the person using it.

Many other nicknames have been “hatched” over the years, Suzie Q, or just Q and with my giggle and red hair up in ponytail Pebbles. In high school, I decided to take French and I can say I loved hearing my name translated as Suzette. This version even tickled my mom into a smile. Though I added the letter A to the end, when I signed up to Second Life, Suzetta was born. Inside that game, my friends call me SweetReds. In recent years friends started calling me Gigz, which of course makes me giggle.

So, maybe Shakespeare is right, this Suzanne called by any of THESE other names is still Suzanne. Heheheeheh


Hello and Welcome

Whew, I think I’ve got the blog up and running …… of course we’ll keep updating and changing widgets as we go along 🙂  Hopefully will figure out the Flickr widget so y’all can see my photo uploads.  Big shout out to Barbara for her Facebook post push to get my blog up and running.

I am Suzanne aka Suzetta and I’ll be posting, cheering, informing about my activities, family and designs in “Real Life” and my virtual world, Second Life.  My dearest friend Tom gave me the nickname Reds and another dear friend, Brina, added the Sweet to it, hence SweetReds was ‘born’ LOL

Posting from New Jersey via Second Life about Life in both worlds, music, laughter, my singing/dj, SweetRed’s Designs, Paint & Pour, friends and did I say laughter?

Welcome to the blog of SweetRed’s Suzie, aka Suzanne, aka Suzetta, aka Gigz xoxo