Beginnings, Where Do We Start?

I’ve been thinking about the past lately and suddenly this word just stuck in my head, Beginning.  Did that word pop in because I’m thinking to much of what to write here, do I need a topic and where should I begin?  Perhaps, it’s on my mind because there is a lot I want to say and tell you about but where do I begin? Hmmmm I think I’ll begin at the beginning and see where it takes me.  Now I should note that if I was doing my singing show in SL, I’d be telling you all that Begin is our word of the day and y’all are supposed to Drink when I ‘say’ it LMAO  coffee, water, soda, tea, something stronger, whatever floats your cup hehehe

I Suzanne, officially began (my how that rhymed) on a very cold Tuesday, January 26, 1971.  This beginning has a lovely story to it, that’s a favorite of mine to tell so why not share it with all of you too too

The winter was especially cold and many people spent most of their time indoors.  Apparently this made mom a bit apprehensive that they wouldn’t know she had the baby (me).  I’ll say it was my smartass sense to begin with, or you could call on the angels or spirits or god or whatever you please that played with the weather that Tuesday.

An ice storm hit and dad was off working so how will Mom get to the hospital?  Why by ambulance of course, parked the driveway, lights flashing and they bring mom out.  Mom is trying to tell them please don’t make a fuss but too late the neighbors are all outside to take a peek.  My oldest brother, Steve, makes the greatest statement of that day ……… “Look mommy, everyone knows!”

I am the 4th child to Greg and Nancy and the lil sister to Steve, John and Kevin and this is just the first in my stories of ~*~ Beginnings ~*~ xo

Suzie's Baby Photo