Remakes, Really ?

So I wake up and like everyone else (come on admit it) I turned to my phone to check the time, email status and click Facebook. LOL  To what do my wandering eyes do I see but a message from 95.5 WPLJ

Ugh! A Disney Channel “Adventures In Babysitting” remake is in the works with “Girl Meets World” star Sabrina Carpenter. No thanks.10922710_10153012520172235_215365200502034006_n

My initial response, “why oh why can’t they leave things alone!”  I mean seriously certain movies become classics because of the the way they were made, the actors that made the parts their own and so much more.  Not everything needs to be updated or made “right” for a specific reason that someone feels we need to make it for ‘us.’

A response on my Facebook page was that there’s money in remakes for Hollywood.  Yup that’s true Hollywood is about the dollar and not quality…. it always has been LOL  Let’s look at an example of a reboot/remake in Footloose in 2011~~ They made @ $38 million

Release date
(United States)
Budget[2] Box office revenue[2]
United States/Canada Other markets Worldwide
October 14, 2011 $24,000,000 $51,162,383 $10,898,547 $62,060,930

The original Footloose …… made @ $71 million and still counting

Domestic Total Gross: $80,035,402
Distributor: Paramount Release Date: February 17, 1984
Genre: Music Drama Runtime: 1 hrs. 47 min.
MPAA Rating: PG Production Budget: $8.2 million

Should I compare the music ?  LOL I think you can guess

There’s been a bunch of movie remakes, Steel Magnolias for Lifetime TV here’s a review

Eight Ways Lifetime’s Steel MagnoliasDidn’t Live Up to the Original

By   ~ Lifetime’s TV-movie remake of the beloved 1989 film Steel Magnolias had the same unnecessary-bordering-on-sacrilegious quality as ABC’s 1998 remake of Rear Window starring Christopher Reeve. Did I enjoy it? Yes, sometimes I did. That said, I watch Smash. I can quote things that Honey Boo Boo’s mother has said.  But even though it was campy garbage, the Magnolias remake sadly added up to no more than the sum of its parts, which were treacly cogs clumsily manipulated into the length of a TV movie with all of the usual Lifetime fixins strewn at commercial-break-appropriate intervals. But this is a generality, I realize.

I will admit that I didn’t even bother to watch this remake, the original was very moving to me especially given my medical history and my affinity to the color pink LOL

The most recent released remake is of course Annie with Jamie Foxx.  Where should I start, what should I say about this?  First and foremost I hope y’all realize that the movie was made based on a cartoon character, Little Orphan Annie from 1924 by Harold Gray.  The comic strip became a radio show in the 1930’s and the movie most remember is from 1982.

From the Library of Congress ~ Little Orphan Annie debuted on August 5, 1924 in but a single newspaper. Over the next 44 years. Annie became a cultural icon — in both her red-headed, blank-eyed appearance, and as the embodiment of American individuality, spunk, and self-reliance. Even those who’s never read the comic strip are keenly aware of the plucky orphan, her loveable mutt Sandy, and her adoptive benefactor Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks — through the Broadway play, the hit movie, and the song “Tomorrow” made famous by both.

I know it seems like I’m picking on things perhaps, but come on you take Little Orphan Annie and completely change everything.  They’ve taken her out of the orphanage and put her in foster care with a mean mother.  No Daddy Warbucks, you change his name and you put her in a political campaign.  So many differences and yet they want to call it Annie.

I mean if you want to go there, if you want to reboot this type of iconic movie to make it for the ‘new age,’ then why not change the name and say in the sub-line, based on Little Orphan Annie.  It’s just bad, really BAD and the critics are agreeing with this.

I’m not a hater, I just think that Hollywood needs to step away from remakes and reboots!  Can you imagine remaking, Lawrence of Arabia …. oh yeah that guy from Twilight is going to go there … sheesh

Ok maybe I am, a hater of Remakes LOL

I just think certain movies are classics and should be left that way, sit down with the kids and watch the movie the way it was meant to be filmed and watched.  Extra explosives and technology doesn’t mean it’s going to be better.  I look forward to NOT seeing the new Adventures in Babysitting.

This is my longest post and I’ve so much more on my mind about it …… but I’ll save it for another time LOL

Leaving you tonight with this ……  Aileen Quinn in musical “Annie” (1982), singing legendary “Tomorrow” as little orphan Annie